About Me

I founded Holler with a simple mission: to make digital chat better. Because I believe conversations between screens need content that helps people express themselves, inspire discussions, show empathy, and form deeper connections. 

In our digital world, too much of what we’re trying to say gets lost in translation. Content in the right context helps. Since our inception, Holler has helped millions of people across the globe have better chats. And we’re far from finished. 

But, that isn’t all that drives me.

Because of my passion for diversity, equity, and belonging in the workplace, I also created Group Black. As a media collective and accelerator focused on the advancement of Black-owned media properties, we’re laser-focused on making the industry more equitable. And the time is now.

I’m on a mission to break the tech industry’s minority barriers. I’m determined to build the next generation of tech on a foundation of data privacy and user trust. And I’m dedicated to innovating the way we advertise, connecting brands to consumers in a more meaningful way.

It’s been quite the journey so far and I look forward to what the future holds. Away we go!

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Conversational Media

I believe better conversations lead to greater empathy and understanding. We use content and media to fuel our DMs more than anywhere else online because it makes digital chat better. Conversational Media is the next frontier for game-changing innovation and an exciting new space for advertisers.

NextGen Tech

New tech must be better tech, and the time is now. Useful, relevant, and safe tech practices are what I’m all about. 


Traditional corporate diversity programs don’t work. Let’s change the narrative and create an open forum to share learnings and ideas. 


When it comes to data, being creepy isn’t cool. A focus on user privacy and data safety is crucial for the future of tech.


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